Beloved, Be Love


    Love in our world's many languages is flavored by our different cultures everywhere. Beloved, Be Love describes love in five Greek words, two Chinese actions, loving of our Japanese, and how Tibet's Six Perfections displays loving. Could there be love without forgiveness? One chapter - Forgiveness: the Pearl adds a little laughter considering 'Masters of Forgiveness'. Holding all together amazing grace of "God is Love" - your best friend. You are never alone. Adamas: Indestructible - Standing in life, full of compassion, kindness, and integrity - ending words for you to see your way to shine.
    Concise colorful vignettes from Victoria's life with a couple of cultural folk tales make clear the fullness of rich variations of our greatest gift, love. Pithy, poetic, Beloved, Be Love is fun. On the audio CD Victoria's delivery breathes animation into every word. The book conveniently fits inside the CD case.


Serving in Kirkuk, Iraq


"This little BIG book magnificently shares love stories
from a true soul. Rereading, savoring the words . . .
when finished I wanted my daughters to read it too."
  --Betty Tisdale, Founder & President of
     Helping And Loving Orphans (H.A.L.O.)

"Vicki is concise, giving beautifully spoken words on
the greatest personal gift we can give anyone, our love."
   --George Szypula
      Four time National AAU Tumbling Champion
      Michigan State University Men's Gymnastics
      MSU Lifetime Coaches Award 2006
      MSU Hall of Fame 2012 (read article)


 Book Reviews from

5.0 out of 5 stars How Can You Beat Perfection , December 8, 2007
By  Debra S. Hughes (San Antonio, TX United States)
This is by far the most comprehensive, yet easy to read and understand explanation of the different types of love by an incredible woman who knows her stuff. This book is such a perfect size to hold and carry with you anywhere to read over and over again. And when you thought that was great, just put in her audio CD and listen to Victoria as she makes the book come alive. I look forward to much more of her work....

5.0 out of 5 stars A Beautiful Perspective , July 9, 2007
By  Sherry J. Hillesheim (Colorado Springs, CO)
As a retired Air Force Nurse, Victoria's reflections of her nomadic way of life and the importance of relationships and love resonates very well with me and my family. Therefore, the one thing I like about this book- it gets to the points being made about love quickly- personally and ways easy to remember. I especially like the last, very short chapter "Adamas - Indestructible" I like re-reading that one. It makes me feel shiny inside.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Loving Look at Love, March 22, 2007
By  Audrey H. Rudofski "Adriana" (Commerce, Michigan)
If you think you know something about love, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Wait 'til you get your hands on Beloved, Be Love. This little gem reviews Love from A (Agape) to Z--or at least, to X (Xenia). It's a lighthearted, unpretentious yet earnest look at Love from many angles and aspects--unconditional, platonic, romantic, religious. The book can be read in one sitting, so it has its place in even the busiest lives. And you can play the accompanying CD during your traveling and traipsing. Schiffer-Wall admits that she wants to change the world and help bring about peace. If anything has a chance to do that, it's Love.
"Beloved, Be Love"
paperback book,
48 pages.
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"Beloved, Be Love"
audiobook on 1 CD,
68 minutes.
$9.99 + shipping

"Beloved, Be Love"
audiobook and paperback
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